This is a simple example of being able to make a stat based system at the start of your visual novel using Tyranobuilders built in components, the only script that was needed for this project was in displaying the values of the stats.

It was alot of fun to add a short story but it is very much incomplete (only power stats have an effect on the story so ignore the other stats if your wanting to see how different levels of power can effect the story) and only used as an example, feel free to continue the story once you have added the project to your tyranobuilder.

Install instructions

In case you want to run the game locally rather then on the browser, download for the windows version, at this time we are not providing a mac version but when you go to look at the project files for those who have tyranobuilder and want to see how it was done, you can download Stat Project Folder (add this to tyranobuilder) and place the folder in the projects folder in your tyranobuilder directory.

Once added to tyranobuilder you will be able to look at my two scenes 1. for the variable managing and the 2. just for fun on how it could be applied.


Download (29 MB)
Stat Project Folder (add this to tyranobuilder) (1 MB)

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